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» Gerard dancing during the guitar solo in No Shows


HQ jaredleto visits the Dona Marta community in Rio de Janeiro - 20th October 2014


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Scarface is a Singapore celebrity with a huge head, covered in numerous scars from fights with other street cats, which is how he got his name in the first place. Scarface had to be removed from the original locality where he lived due to numerous complaints from human inhabitants regarding the noise he made when indulging in his gangster activities. He was rescued and treated for the wounds on his face. Once healed, his photos were posted to Facebook, where he quickly amassed a large fan following. Fondly known as Scar, his page says his favourite activities include eating, sleeping and bullying the dog. His scars have not deterred him and he has participated in several pageants and has also been featured in several magazines.

Photos by ©Scarface - Full story HERE

He looks like he’s half Lion!

This cat looks like a bad taxidermy come to life he’s so impeccably gorgeous